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Private Lending Process

Step One: Great Northern locates and approves an investment property.

Step Two: Great Northern offers a Private Note to cover acquisition and remodeling costs, not to exceed 75% of the property's ARV (after repaired value).

Step Three: Great Northern buys the property and begins the remodeling process using funds from the Private Lender.

Step Four: Once the remodeling is completed, Great Northern sells the property to the end buyer or, in case Great Northern decides to keep the property, refinance the property and pays off the Private Lender.

Step Five: The Private Lender receives 100% of his/her invested capital back, plus interest as agreed.

Step Six: If the Private Lender would like to buy the rehabbed property, the property is transferred to a holding entity for asset protection and is managed by Great Northern or the management company indicated by the Private Lender for cash flow and long term equity appreciation.

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