Thank you Great Northern Mortgage for the superior handling of my home mortgage package. My attorney Ike Dibia was also impressed with your work in creating the best loan possible. I look forward to any opportunity to recommend your team.

Lissa Luke
Attorney At Law

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The Ever-Beneficial Reverse Mortgage  

Enjoying retirement without financial constraint is a dream for all. Yet, what makes it a reality when you cannot work anymore? A reverse mortgage can help you live your dream! Below mentioned are key details one must know about reverse mortgage by Great Northern Mortgage, one among the principal reverse mortgage brokers in New York.

Why do I need to opt for a reverse mortgage?
The answer for this is very simple if you want to enjoy your retirement vacations across the world and also if you think want to retain the pride of living on your own even after your retirement, Great Northern Mortgage suggests you to opt for a reverse mortgage. If you obtain a reverse mortgage for your home from reliable and customer-friendly brokers in New York, then your retirement period becomes a 'party period'.

What is the eligibility to opt for a reverse mortgage?
The reverse mortgage lenders in New York expect you to be over 62 years of age, to opt for it. You must also own a house which should be your principal residence. The house should be clear of all loans and debts or have a balance that can be paid off with the reverse mortgage. What all I can do with the funds I get through the reverse mortgage?

Great Northern Mortgage helps you reach the best reverse mortgage lenders in New York so that you get the best value for your asset and can :

• Reduce high-interest debt
• Supplement retirement income
• Remodel or repair your home
• Pay property taxes
• Cover healthcare expenses
• Plan for long-term care needs
• Grow your investment portfolio

You can even use your reverse mortgage funds to purchase a second or vacation home.

How much money can I borrow?
A reverse money lender considers few key factors like the age of the youngest homeowner, the current interest rate, appraised value of your home, and the local lending limit before setting the maximum reverse mortgage loan amount. Enjoy your retirement period with an impeccable flow of income with the assistance of Great Northern Mortgage. Make the most use of the equity you have established in your house by borrowing against it using a reverse mortgage.

Great Northern Mortgage is one among the reliable mortgage brokers in New York, and can help you get connected to the best reverse mortgage lenders. Get to know more about reverse mortgage right from your home by visiting our official website. We not only help you identify an unfailing reverse mortgage lender, but also mentor you all throughout the process of achieving your retirement life dream.



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